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 How long will my new roof last?

As standard we offer a twenty year guarantee and expect at least forty years of trouble free service.

 Would it be better to put on a pitched roof?

A slate or tiled roof would require planning permission, and would be a lot more expensive.

 When is the best time to do it?

We work all year round (except when its raining) so anytime is a good time.

 What about that new stuff they use nowadays?

Materials have improved and their performance increased dramatically in recent years.

 If they both need doing, should I do the roof or fascias first?

Why not do both at the same time? We do a range of UPVC fascias with ‘clean line’ hidden fixings, that look fabulous.

 Why do they put stone chippings on flat roofs?

They used to cover the felt and hide it from ultra violet which damages the old fashioned type felts,with good quality new materials they are no longer needed.

 Why have I got water laying on my old flat roof?

Some flat roofs have inadequate falls,perhaps the original builder omitted some details,but don’t worry, these can be corrected relatively easily.

 Can the window cleaner walk on the new roof?

Yes,but make sure if he uses ladders off the roof he places a board down first.

 Is the guarantee transferable if I sell the house?

Yes, no problem at all!

 Can you do it cheaper?

Yes, sometimes a simple repair or patch is all that is needed.

 Do you use chipboard when  re-roofing?

No, although chipboard has been used widely in the past by others,we have never used it. Exterior grade ply will last the lifetime of the building.